Władysław Sebała co-founder of the “kwardyga” group

In his youth, Władysław Sebała took part in the First Silesian Uprising. He moved from Silesia and settled in Warsaw, first at Wilcza 21, where he wrote poems and the journal Kwadryga.

After some time, he moved to the Praga district of Warsaw, at 5 Brzeska Street, apartment 54. In a tenement house in Prague, he and his wife ran an art salon, which was frequented by poets from the “Kwadryga” group, painters, musicians and other artists associated with art.

In 1935, the poet started to work for the Polish Radio, where he ran a literary quarter every other week. After the outbreak of World War II, he fought in the September campaign. After being arrested by the Soviets, he was held in the Starobielsk camp, after which he and other prisoners of war were transported to Kharkiv and on April 11, 1940 he was shot by an NKVD officer

After World War II, his works were not published. It was not until 1956 that “Selected Poetry” was first published

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